海外ラーニング・サテライト Learning Satellite


If you are interested in enrolling in this program, please refer to the program list and contact the relevant faculty member or the administration office
for further assistance.

海外ラーニング・サテライトとは /
What is Learning Satellite?

海外ラーニング・サテライトとは、本学と海外の協定大学等が、世界を教育フィールドとして授業科目を実施するプログラムです。 本学及び海外大学の学生等を対象に、海外で共に学ぶ多様なプログラムを開講しております。

Learning Satellite is an educational program through which Hokkaido University (HU) and its overseas partner universities offer courses around the world. We offer a variety of programs all over the globe that allow students at HU and overseas universities to learn together.

概要 / Overview

海外ラーニング・サテライトの目的 / Purpose of Learning Satellite


Through the courses offered by joint educational programs in collaboration between faculty members at Hokkaido University (HU) and overseas universities, students at HU and overseas universities have an opportunity to learn together. The programs aim to nurture talented individuals who have the ability to contribute to the resolution of global issues and to enhance the internationalization and quality of our educational programs in cooperation with faculty members at overseas universities. Furthermore, the development of joint educational programs (e.g., double-degree programs, cotutelle programs) and research collaborations with overseas institutions are expected.

海外ラーニング・サテライトの実施方法 / Educational methods of Learning Satellite


Over the course of the program, students participate in classes consisting of a variety of lectures, including exercises, practical training, experiments and fieldwork, as well as classroom lectures. Students at HU are awarded credit from HU and those from overseas universities are awarded credit from HU or overseas universities.
Our students can experience intercultural on-campus and a multicultural atmosphere by learning together with students from overseas universities through lectures and practical training offered by overseas universities. The experience motivates them to study abroad and go to graduate school.

海外ラーニング・サテライトの特色 / Characteristics of Learning Satellite


1.Researchers from HU are dispatched to overseas universities and institutes to conduct collaborative research with local universities in the field of education and research.
2.Our students and students from overseas universities take the same courses to learn together.
3.Program participants are awarded credit from HU or the universities to which they belong.
4.Our students experience intercultural on-campus and a multicultural atmosphere through lectures and practical training. The experience motivates them to study abroad and go to graduate school.

プログラム一覧 / Programs

詳しくは海外ラーニング・サテライト プログラム一覧をご覧ください。

履修方法 / Application





This is a guide for students at Hokkaido University on how to apply to programs open for application in Learning Satellite.

1.See “News” or “Programs” on the website for detailed information on programs open for application and the application process.
2.Apply for a program based on the above information..
3.Wait for a decision on the outcome of your application. (If the program requires you to take a screening test, please follow the necessary steps.).
4.Program faculty members will contact you if the outcome of your application is successful. You may then follow the steps necessary to enroll in the program.

※Programs marked “Not open” in “Programs” on the website indicate that they are not open for application.(Programs restricted to students in a specific academic department, graduate school, major, laboratory, etc.)

※In some cases, programs marked “Open” have specific requirements (humanities or sciences, designation of the department or graduate school, specialized knowledge, foreign language skills, etc.) and admission screening is required.

よくある質問 / FAQ